VisXpert (en)

VisXpert ensures high efficiency in all phases of the project. On the one hand, time savings in project planning through real object orientation and flexibility through well-engineered standard functions and an integrated script engine. On the other hand, high stability with the best performance in the runtime environment thanks to a mature architecture and an integrated SQL database module

communication module

The communication module (“KM”) is the central program for project creation and also for processing during the process. All necessary settings are made with it. You start all VisXpert programs via the KM, ie the editor modules and the associated runtime modules. You can thus access all components of your project via the KM. In addition, the KM provides status information about the logbook in the lower half of the window.
During the course of a project, the logbook offers all VisXpert programs the possibility of outputting status and error messages. The status of the entire system with all software components can be monitored with the logbook. The logbook with its information options is therefore an effective aid for commissioning or troubleshooting.

visualization editor

The process screens and operator dialogs are created with the editor. It enables the creation of static image parts and the integration of external graphics, as well as the dynamization of graphic elements with the associated definition of the data connections.

visualization runtime

The process is the dynamic execution of the project (online operation). The dynamic elements of the process images are supplied with current values ​​and inputs are sent to the specified destination. Information is obtained and forwarded via the driver programs. Message system The VisXpert message system enables the collection, archiving and logging of process messages. The message telegrams are forwarded to the message system via drivers and processed there in database tables.

The use of multiple monitors and touch PCs is also supported.

Measured value acquisition (trending)

With this module, the recording and archiving of measured values ​​in database tables is possible. The data can be displayed in the form of current (values ​​from main memory) or historical line graphs (values ​​from database).


With this module, alarms can be monitored, processed and analyzed. Alarms can come from a wide variety of data sources and are archived in an SQL database. The associated tools allow efficient categorization and analysis of these alarms in order to present them appropriately to the operators. Alarm can also be notified by email.

data servers

VisXpert provides several data servers, which make all variables of the project available via different interfaces. These servers allow a wide variety of applications to connect to the project and read out the data accordingly.

  • OPC DA (predecessor to OPC UA but still in use)
  • OPC UA (modern interfaces for industrial data management)
  • Modbus (this allows each Modbus master to query data directly via a mapping table)
  • DDE (this allows Excel to directly query variables in the project)


The drivers carry out the data traffic between an application and a connected device or other programs. As a rule, standard drivers supplied are used. There is a large number of different drivers to be able to access a large number of data sources.

  • Siemens Simatic S7
  • OPC DA
  • OPC UA
  • Modbus
  • Allen Bradley


The “Events” module allows certain operating system events to be forwarded to VisXpert variables, or certain actions to be started. This means, for example, that actions can be carried out when files change, the database changes or new users log in.

The “WinLock” module is used to lock the specific Windows hotkeys (e.g. Alt+Ctrl+Del) to prevent unwanted operation on the computer outside of the running application.

The “VarSniffer” module enables variables to be monitored and controlled. Predefined variables of the “Memory” and “PLC data” modules can be accessed.

Developer Toolkit

With the Developer Toolkit, VisXpert offers a documented programming interface for access to all functions of the communication module. This means that you can easily integrate your own program modules (drivers and applications) into a VisXpert project.
The Developer Toolkit is currently available in two variants:

  • Developer Toolkit for .Net in the form of open libraries with example source code and detailed documentation in the source code
  • Developer Toolkit for C++ with appropriate headers and lib files.
  • Developer toolkit for Delphi in the form of commented Borland Delphi components and detailed documentation.
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