Software Releases

  • This release is primarily a stability and minor feature release.Various stability improvements and bug fixes are incorporated into the Configuration Editors, Report Viewer, and Report File Creation. In addition, corrections were integrated for data synchronization between operating stations. In order

  • This Release is stability and Feature release. It introduces new functionality for the Batch Report viewer and introduces Batch Report archives, where historical data of an batch can be exported for later review or long term data storageIn order to

  • VisXpert 10 is now available and brings many new industrial standard technologies to the platform to make VisXpert much more flexible and compatible with todays industrial infrastructure. OPC-Ua is now supported as driver, as well as data server. This allows

  • This Release is stability and small Feature release. It improves Windows 11 Compatibility and adds functions for Exporting Historical data from the Historical database to an multitude of export formats. It is mainly an Stabiltiy release, fixing many minor bugs.

  • This small utility allows you to download and install all main and optional components of the BatchXpert System. It guides you through the Installation and Setup process for the BatchXpert Process Control System BatchXpert Installation Center BatchXpert Installation Center BatchXpert

  • This Release is a Feature release and adds new features for Process Administrations. It introduces an completely new “Order Scheduler”, which allows you to schedule Batches in any one of the available BatchXpert PLC’s. It also introduces “Order Options” which

  • VisXpert 9.0 is now available as the Successor to GraphPic 8.9. VisXpert includes a ton of new and improved features and is backwards compatible with GraphPic Projects

  • This Release is a Feature release and adds new features for maintenance and administration of Recipes and Batch Configuration. Additionally, the Report viewer was enhanced with new and improved features. The “Sync Service” is introduced to automatically detect and Synchronize

  • Older Versions of BatchXpert


  • This tool allows you to Monitor Profinet devices and write Log messages if they are available on the Profinet Network. It uses the Profinet DCP protocol (it does NOT! use PING) to detect devices and monitor their configuration state. If

  • This is a small utility that helps you when using an Windows PC with an Touch screen by automatically opening and closing an On-Screen-Keyboard.

  • “S7 Backup” is an small tool for creating Manual and Automated Backups of all your online controller data of your “Simatic S7” compatible controllers. This tool connects to the specified Controllers and uploads all available online data and saves them in Backup files.

  • This tool allows you to discover Profinet devices in an Network. It allows you to assign Profinet Names and IP-Addresses to found devices. This tool is very usefull for Commissioning of Profinet Networks and can be used by Maintenance Personal

  • This small tool can be used to test OPC connectivity and to explore an OPC Servers content. It is developed by kassl, so please visit their site for more information and documentation dOPCExplorerDownload

  • This small utility lets you establish an connection to an S7 compatible PLC and upload or write arbitrary data from and to the PLC. It is part of the excellent “DotNetSiemensToolBoxLibrary” created by “Jochen Kühner”. Check it out on github

  • This small application allows you to check if an connection can be established to the Internet, an specific IP Address or to an Specific S7 Compatible PLC


  • This is an BatchXpert Demo project, that showcases the usage of BatchXpert in an Brewery with connected Fermenting Cellar. You can download the Project and execute it on your machine. The Demos also includes an PLC Program, that must be

  • This Example shows you how to use various functionalities of the VisXpert SDK Visual Studio Examples 2023.01.31Download

  • Showcase the simulation of variables and Alarm messages SimulationDownload

  • Showcase the use of sparklines in HMI Simu-Sparkline-HVDownload

  • Showcasing the dragging of objects on the screen SliderDownload

  • Showcases Trigonometric functions by drawing an Watch UhrDownload

  • Showcases the use of scripts to discover and manipulate Process screen objects ObjectExplorerDownload

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