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BatchXpert 1.10

This release is primarily a stability and minor feature release.
Various stability improvements and bug fixes are incorporated into the Configuration Editors, Report Viewer, and Report File Creation.

In addition, corrections were integrated for data synchronization between operating stations.

In order to install this version, please use the “BatchXpert Installation Center


BatchXpert Database Synchronization

Several improvements were implemented in the synchronization of the databases between the system Operation stations.

In particular, the system has now been improved to detect modifications with the correct date, regardless of the time zone that is set on the computer. This improves synchronization stability and avoids time zone misconfigurations.

In addition, a block was implemented that warns if an unconfigured computer tries to participate in the configuration and automatically blocks it.

The report viewer now allows you to view trend graphs for a unit of a selected batch also for “Batch Files” exported with the system.

ParTo improve the configuration for a plant with many recipes and programs, the functionality of grouping recipes into recipe groups was added. This way recipes can be grouped logically in the system.

Since version 1.8, the system incorporated the functionality of exporting tabular lists of the batches carried out in CSV and Excel formats.

Now the functionality has been added to customize the columns to be exported in an export process.

This makes it possible to add values ​​of interest, for example from certain stages of the export process.

This is very interesting for CIP processes, where concentrations, flows and pressure can be added to the export.

The system manuals in English were updated and now correspond to the same Spanish version. Missing manuals were also added to English.

It should be taken into account that the manuals were translated with the help of automatic translation systems and may contain grammatical errors.

You can find the new manuals here:

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