E-Mail Notification

This Module allows you to send E-Mails when certain or any alarm is “incoming”, “Gone” or “Acknowledged” in the Alarm system. You can define E-Mail recipients, and group them together in “Groups” to easily manage them. Each group can then be assigned an schedule when they receive Notification.

This allows you to define shifts and send Mails only to the personal in the active shift.

E-Mail Configurations

Each configuration represents an group of recipients, that belong to it, and defines on which alarms it reacts and the schedule when it will send notifications. Each Recipient can belong to multiple configuration groups.


Defines the Mail addresses where the Mails will be sent. Each Recipient can belong to multiple configuration groups.

Alarms to Send

You can select which types of alarms will be sent via Mail. You can “Include All Alarms” and then select if the group should send “Incoming”, “Gone” etc. alarms


The schedule defines when the group will be considered “Active”. Mails will only be sent to “Active” groups.

E-Mail Templates

The template defines how the Mail will be formatted. The Template can include “Tokens” that must be enclosed in “<%” and “%>” tags.

Sending Configuration

In order to send Mails, you first must configure the account from which the Mail will be sent. You can use any free user account of any Mail Provider as long as the following is supported:

  • SMTP. Only SMTP is currently Supported.
  • UserName/Password authentication
  • OAuth and OAuth2 not supported
  • Two Factor Authentication not supported

The configuration for each Mail Provider can be obtained from the Mail Provider.

Please keep in mind that many Mail Providers will impose Mail sending Limits on your account, which ultimately limits the amounts of Mails you can send per day. Please adjust your “Mail Sending Interval Accordingly”

As of 2024 Google limits applications that do not use OAuth or Two factor authentication and the "Enable unsafe Application" option MUST be enabled in the google developer panel. As of 2025 Google does not allow the "Enable unsafe Application" anymore, which makes google mail accounts unsuitable to be used here.
Microsoft Changed its SMTP server name for Outlook and Hotmail accounts in 2023. Please update your configuration to "smtp-mail.outlook.com" according to the Microsoft documentation.
We Recommend to use an Microsoft Outlook Account instead. which can also be created free of charge.


Debugging allows you to Save all Mails to an specific directory. This allows you to inspect the Mails that would have been sent with an Text Editor.

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