BatchXpert (en)

BatchXpert is an Batch process control, management and reporting system for small and mid-sized applications. It is able to manage the production and reporting of all sorts of batch processes especially for the food and beverage industry. It provides tools for creating, managing and execution of Recipes and automatically creates production reports based on the executed Processes. It is the successor of the successful Batch control system “BatchGuide”.


The System incorporates many reporting tools, that let you trace batches, review its process steps and also review any manual interventions made to any equipment involved in any batch process executed by the system. For each Batch, it creates summary and detailed reports, as well as detail trend curve recordings and alarm reports, to enable you to control and optimize any process with ease.


The system is based on the industry proven Simatic S7 controller standard and uses Simatic S7 Controllers to execute and control its processes. These controllers are connected to standard Windows PC’s running the BatchXpert Visualization and Batch Engine. These PC’s are responsible for managing the recipe and historical data, as well as providing the Visualization interface where the operators interact with the processes and the equipment. All Configuration and Historical data is stored in SQL databases.

Fault Tolerance

It is designed to be fault tolerant, by distributing the databases to various servers, thus eliminating an single point of failure and keeping the processes running even if servers are failing. Fault tolerance is deeply embedded in the design of the system. If an Server is failing, it can be restored from backup in less than 30 minutes.

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