Observation and Force

Observing and controlling variables

The “current value” field shows the current value of the variable in the respective display format.
The update occurs after the value changes.

For all VisXpert variable types except data blocks, enter the desired value in the Setpoint column and leave the column. If the value is different from the current value, the tax value turns light blue. Now you can enter additional control values or write this value with the “Control” or F2 key for control. If you have changed several values, they can all be changed together with the “Apply all” button or Ctrl+F2. Attention: The plausibility of data entry is not checked.

Since data blocks cannot be clearly displayed in the main window due to their size, you can switch to an extended display with the Detail button: Here blocks can be edited clearly. With “Taxes” the data is written immediately, with “Apply” it is transferred to the main window in the column Tax value. A block length check and valid characters are checked. 

“Invalid” variables

If a variable is not (more) valid (e.g. Connection cable disconnected, PLC assembly faulty, etc.), the corresponding variables are colored red:

The “current value” is <nil>displayed because the variable no longer has a defined state.</nil>

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