Entering data

In “Group” you select a group from the drop-down box. If this is an S5 or S7 group, you can
enter the operand directly in the “Name” field. Such as. “db200 dw0” is sufficient. Provided that this DB can be controlled (i.e. DB must be present in the AG), and the fact that the VarType and Length columns are filled can be displayed in the values of this so-called “direct variable”. You click on the column “Name” and select a variable via the selection dialog that then appears:

The variables listed are the ones predefined in the drivers. In addition, already entered direct variables appear, which are recognizable by the “A”. The information is transferred to the VarSniffer main window together with the invisible length.

If you select the Direct Variable tab, the following picture shows:

If an S5 or S7 group is selected, direct variable input is possible.

The check box “from data block” determines whether an entry is possible for “DB-Nr” and fills the combo box at “Address” with the corresponding entries, depending on the PLC type. The remaining Variables Type, Length, and Display Format inputs correspond to the fields in the main window.

After the input is taken, direct variables are always checked for the variable name and any errors are displayed in the main window.

Loading and saving

If you have defined several variables, which are often related to each other, they can be saved in a list and reloaded if necessary. This can be achieved by pressing the buttons with the known symbols.

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