The VisXpert module VarSniffer allows you to observe and control variables. Predefined variables of the modules “Memory” and “SPS data” can be accessed. In addition, it is possible to enter so-called direct variables. That is, after defining a group, a variable can be determined by defining a corresponding operand.

Performance overview

  • Both predefined and direct variables are possible.
  • Several variables can be stored and reloaded in a list.
  • Depending on the variable type, different display formats are possible, such as decimal and hexadecimal.
  • Blocks can also be observed and controlled.
  • Several variables can be changed and then controlled at the same time.
  • Disturbances of individual variables are displayed in color.
  • Incomplete or incorrect information is marked.
  • The entire variable check and connection with the communication module takes place immediately after leaving the currently edited line, i.e. there is no difference between editing and processing.

Description of the surface

 The main window of the VarSniffer shows as follows:



The variable group predefined in a driver.


The variable name from a driver or as a direct variable.


The VisXpert variable type: There are also the following 5 types to choose from:

For direct variables, the Vartype can be changed depending on other inputs.


Specifies the length (size) of the variable. There are certain conditions to be observed, which are set out in detail in the Annex. An incorrect input is displayed.

Format: (Display format)

The format depends on the VisXpert variable type. For example, an integer number can be represented in dual, decimal, or hexadecimal.

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