You can use the change journal to record value changes and enter change comments. Op
tionally, attachment and user are logged as accompanying values.

The change journal consists
of :Module Change Journal Post 1 x per projectModule
Change Journal Comment dialog 1 x per visualization station

Configuration change journal

automatic entry in the change journal af
ter value changes of variables[MUST_COMMENT] without option, are automatically marked as closed after the set time.

Closing the justification dialo
g afterthe justification dialog is open, no value changes are automatically closed. After operating inactivity of the set duration, the dialog is closed and the automatic closing of the change entries is reactivated.

System gro
upCommunication between visualization and change journal is done via VisXpert variable. The system group contains the following change journal variables.

 changevalcountMillion Number of changed and uncommented values command String With commands such as "Open_JournalAnzeige" or "Open_GrundDia
log" is opened on the station specified in variable dlgstation. A
s an alternative to specifying the variable dlgstation, the st
ation can be separated with a comma, in the command line. E.g
.: OpenGrundDialog,Computer1

 status String current status Change journa
lValues: <> 'DIALOG' -> Entries are automatically justified if allowed.
 return String error message from the change journal dlgstation String The change dialog is opened automatically at this station when <changevalcount>increases.</changevalcount>

The change journal cannot automatically determine the source of the change. By describing the VisXpert variables user and station, additional information can be logged in the event of value changes.

 user String user s
tation String Station

Station for change dialogT
he station automatically opens the justification dialog after the value change. The specification can be changed at run time or also left blank.

Fixed asset Identifi
cationThe entry is noted in the change journal during the value changes.

DBist Project DB selected, the value changes are stored in the project dat
abase. If Project DB is deselected, any ODBC database and table can be specified for saving the value changes.

The variables to be monitored are entered here. [VARITEM]is selected from the existing GP variables. Changes to variables with the opti[MUST_COMMENT]on must be made. Thi
s informa[DESCRIPTION]tion is included in the change journal.

Here you can create templates for change reasons. the time stamp is used for sorting order in the justification dialog.

Locking at multiple visualization stations

The value changes must be uniquely associated with a user. For several visualization stations on a PLC, the dialog for changes can only be opened at one station at the same time. The change mask can only be opened if the change journal:User variable contains an empty string. After the mask is opened, the variable "Change Journal:User" is set to the currently logged on user. After leaving the change mask, the variable "Change Journal:User" is described with a blank string to release the change mask back to other visualization stations.

Expiration of changes

After detecting one or more changes, a record is appended to the table CL_CHANGE_LOG for each change in value and the user is notified that value changes are [Systemgruppe]present using the VisXpert variable :changevalcount. At
the :Dlgstatio[Systemgruppe]n" station, the change dialog opens automatically when monitored values change. If the v
ariable contains a blank string, the change dialog can be displayed via the command "Open_GrundDialog" Is the dlgstation The changed values are displayed in a list in a new window if desired. In this list, one or more values can be marked and given a reason for change.  If no entry is made within a parameterizable time, the value changes are carried into the change journal without comment.

A list of predefined reasons is offered for election. The entries in this list can be edited via a service function. It is also possible to enter any text directly as justification.

After the changes have been commented, they are transferred to the CentralJournal and the record in table CL_CHANGE_LOG marked as closed.

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