Licensing Model

One of our philosophies is that software and their license models should empower your engineering, not limit your ability to create great projects an solutions.

Your project requirements should guide your engineering decisions, not your licensing terms.
You should never have to find engineering solutions to reduce tag counts and reduce license costs. You should never even have to consider you license for your engineering decisions

Runtime License

This is why VisXpert, and BatchXpert, only have one single license option, that simply includes all of the functionality offered by this system, without any limitation.

The VisXpert, and by extension the BatchXpert, Licensing Model is very simple:

  • There is only one License. This includes all modules, and unlimited Tags. You get 100% of the functionality
  • Licenses are per Operating Station, so you need one license for each station that you are using in the field
  • There is no subscription fee, nor is there any other limitation.
  • It is based on an Serial key, which is NOT bound to an specific Computer, and can be transferred to another computer if required.
  • No Online connectivity is necesary to activate your license. just type in your registration number and seriel key, and you are good.

Engineering License

Although the runtime license includes editors for most of the modules, it does not include the HMI Graphics Editor. This Editor License can be obtained separately and is usually only used by system integrators.

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