Welcome to working with VisXpert. You have chosen to use a high-performance and proven product. This guide is designed to get you started quickly and provide comprehensive guidance on how to use VisXpert.

VisXpert is an Supervisory control and Monitoring (SCADA) system. It is an highly modular and extensible system, that allows the user to easily create complex Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications

VisXpert forms the Visualization backbone of the BatchXpert Process control system, but can provide functionality far beyond the requirements of the BatchXpert system.


It allows you to add an big variety of “Modules” to an application, where each Module provides certain functionality to your applications. There are modules for communication with different data-sources, report generation, Trend acquisition and Alarm management.
It also provides an very powerful Software Development Kit (SDK), that allows you to develop you own custom modules and leverage The full potential of your automation system


Some of the most important features of VisXpert are:

  • No Tag limit on licenses. Let the requirements guide your Engineering, not the license!
  • Driver for Simatic and Compatible Plc’s (1200, 1500, 300 and 400)
  • Driver for Rockwell Allen Bradley Plc’s (ControlLogix, CompactLogix and Micrologix)
  • Opc UA connectivity
  • Alarm Managment with Email notifications
  • Trend Recording, viewing and evaluation
  • Integrates SQL database
  • Integrated OPC UA server
  • Software Development Kit that allows you to extend nearly every part of the System
  • Modular design with many available modules
  • DDE Server to provide direct Real time data access to applications such as Microsoft Excel

Proven and stable, yet Modern

VisXpert is the evolution with the proven SCADA system “GraphPic” from “Gefasoft“. This Allows VisXpert to leverage the long experience of its predecessor and build its functionality upon this foundation. GraphPic projects can seamlessly migrated to VisXpert including License compatibility.

It is used mainly in “Food and Beverage” and “Automotive” Industries.

Unlimited License

One of its biggest advantages is, that its licensing does not limit the amount of Process Tags that you can use in the system. Using VisXpert you can finally start engineering without considering the licensed Process tag count and let only your creativity be the limit.


If you have any questions about VisXpert or if you have problems with the handling, please send us an e-mail with all the details below together with your problem description. This procedure makes it easier for us to process and ultimately speeds up problem solving.

In any case, you should provide the following information:

  • VisXpert Serial Number
  • VisXpert version and build number
  • Hardware

In case of problems with PLC pairing, the following information is also important:

  • Output levels of the CPU
  • output levels of the system software (e.g. firmware, handling modules)
  • Output levels of the communication processors
  • output booths of the parameterization software (e.g. COM software)
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